Notary Public

2018 Notary Public License Examination Schedule*

January 3, 2018John Gard, Bethany Stickradt, Brian Reed
February 14, 2018John Gard, Siobahn Clovis, Stephanie Tackett
March 7, 2018 John Gard, Matt Kunsman, Brian Reed
April 4, 2018John Gard, Sheena Sjostrand-Post, Bethany Stickradt
May 2, 2018John Gard, Bernie Brush, Bethany Stickradt
June 6, 2018 Lauren Kellett, Stephanie Tackett, Siobahn Clovis
August 1, 2018 Lauren Kellett, Cindy Ripko, Matt Kunsman
September 5, 2018John Gard, Bethany Stickradt, Brian Reed
October 3, 2018 Lauren Kellett, Stephanie Tackett, Phil Demarest
November 7, 2018Lauren Kellett, Sheena Sjostrand-Post, Brian Reed
December 5, 2018John Gard, Bernie Brush, Phil Demarest
January 2, 2019John Gard, Siobahn Clovis, Matt Kunsman

*Please Note: All notary tests for 2019 will be given at 9:30 a.m. at the Licking County Public Library, 101 West Main Street, Newark, Ohio.

AttorneyPlease click here for the application and study packet.

For more information about the Licking County Notary Committee, please contact:

John Gard or Lauren Kellett, Co-Chairs of the LCBA Notary Committee
P.O. Box 3500
Newark, OH 43055
(740) 349-3900

For a list of notaries in the State of Ohio or to find additional information click here to visit the Secretary of State website.

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