LCBA Distinguished Service Award

The LCBA Distinguished Service Award was established in 2014 and will be given for the first time in 2015.  Nominees are submitted to, and evaluated by, the LCBA Executive Committee.  The award is presented from time to time at the LCBA Barristers Ball, as applicable.

The recipient must be a current or retired member in good standing of the Licking County Bar Association and one who has made a significant, lasting and notable contribution, be it over a period of years or as a result of a specific event, act, case or project to the following:

  1. The promotion of the legal profession throughout the community;
  2. The practice of law and the standards of jurisprudence;
  3. The betterment and well-being of the wider community through personal or professional service; or
  4. The principles and practices of scholarship, education and/or legal precedent.

The recipient should also represent the highest standards of professional conduct.

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